Youth Volunteer– big school for Vietnamese youth
Thứ ba, 10/05/2016, 02:05 SA
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On March 30, Former Youth Volunteer’s Association, Central Committee of HCMC Communist Youth Union and HCMC Party Committee organized a Scientific Seminar entitled Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts on big school of volunteer youth.

Former State President Nguyen Minh Triet, Politburo member Vo Van Thuong - head of the Party Central Committee’s Information and Education Commission, Head of the Party Central Committee’s Mass Mobilization Commission (MMC) Truong Thi Mai, many other former leaders of the State and the party joined the seminar.

At the seminar, delegates’ presentations focused on emphasizing the significance of the struggle for liberation, construction and protection of the country, generations of youth volunteers have overcome difficulties and excellently performing their assigned tasks.

Former Chairman of Vietnam Youth Volunteer’s Association Nguyen Anh Lien said, the seminar aims to research, emphasize the historical significance and practical value of “big school of volunteer youth established by President Ho Chi Minh.

“The big school of volunteer youth” was established by Uncle Ho to encourage volunteer youth to enrich and strive for top victory of the struggle of people under leadership of the Party and President Ho Chi Minh. The core content of thoughts of Uncle Ho on “big school of volunteer youth” presents many things to think about education and training in the current situation. The school is a typical example, a glorious achievement of unique direction of the Party and Uncle Ho. In reality, generations of youth have good qualities, big potential, they are playing a role of powerful army of the nation, this army can turn into even more powerful force to over all challenges.

Deputy Permanent Secretary of HCMC Party Committee Tat Thanh Cang affirmed throughout two wars of national liberation, construction and protection of nation, generations of volunteer youths have overcome difficulties and challenges, excellently performing their assigned tasks. The Party, State and People are always proud and grateful to great sacrifice of volunteer youths. After reunification day, volunteer youth has been continuing to uphold the good tradition with a slogan of “youths are present where they are needed”.

According to Mr. Cang, in the last 40 years, HCMC’s volunteer youths have actively participated into implementation of socio-economic tasks, security-national defense, construction of new people under “big school”, especially in the process of innovation. They have been deserved with the trust, pride o leaders and people of HCMC.

Facing with new requirements, volunteer youths have been upholding their voluntary spirits, trying their best for people. The practice of revolutionary resistance of Vietnamese people has affirmed that “big school of volunteer youth” aims to bring into play the power of the whole young people, a strategic power of Uncle Ho with great historical value, an invaluable spiritual asset. This will be continuously researched, studied by the present and the next generations of young people.

According the Organizing Board, the seminar has a great significance, taken place after the success of 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam. The value of issues researched at the seminar has deeply practical insights on promoting power of the whole people in the process of innovation, construction and protection of the nation.

After 5 months of sending invitation letters, the Steering Committee of the seminar has received over 150 presentations from leaders, scientists, historical witnesses in 63 cities and provinces. These presentations have analyzed, assessed and clarified many contents, significance and stature of Uncle Ho on big school of volunteer youth.



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