Workshop on applying integrated circuit in agriculture
Thứ ba, 25/08/2015, 03:15 SA
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On July 20, HCMC Hi-tech Park coordinated with Japan Society of Precision Engineering, Integrated Circuit Design Research and Education Center (ICDREC) to organize an international workshop on micro-electro-mechanical and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in agriculture. Participants included international scientists in fields of sensor, IoT of Japan and Vietnam.


The workshop focused on discussing important orientations in researching, designing, manufacturing and applying sensors and IoT in agriculture.  Experts presented in-depth scientific reports in wireless sensor network applied in breeding and cultivation, keeping close control of growth of cultivated crops, introducing latest results of studies on sensory and IoT technologies serving agricultural development. Experts also proposed projects, themes calling for co-operation between Vietnamese and Japanese scientists.


At the workshop,  ICDREC introduced a model of shrimp farming in Can Gio using MEMS combined with wireless sensor. Mr. Ngo Duc Hoang, Director of ICDREC, said the model of automatic notification system on temperature, pH, oxygen in water through applications on smartphones or tablets helps farmers easily monitor and      remotely control at any time and in anywhere to improve quality of shrimp farming. Besides, this system is connected with laboratory of HCMC hi-tech park where experts will timely intervene and issue recommendations for farmers. Mr. Hoang added that ICDREC is now carrying a trial project with a big firm.


Based on application of Chip SG8V1 and HF RFID of ICDREC, it is helpful for farmers to minimize damages, to enhance quality of products with cheaper price compared to foreign solutions.



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