Workshop discusses MEMS, IoT application in Vietnam
Chủ nhật, 28/10/2018, 03:05 SA
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A forum on micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and sensor systems, themed “MEMS/Internet of Things (IoT) for a safe and friendly city” was held in Ho Chi Minh City on September 26.

Jointly hosted by the Research Laboratories of Saigon High-Tech Park (SHTP Labs), the the Centre for Innovative Materials and Architectures at the Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, and the Japanese Society for Precision Engineering, the event is part of the MEMS Forum 2018.

At the event, prestigious experts, engineers, and scientists working in the MEMS field of Vietnam, as well as those from Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Netherlands, Spain, and Australia shared experiences in developing and applying MEMS technology, discussing measures to enhance scientific cooperation and trade links in the sphere in HCM City and Vietnam in general.

Associate Professor Ph.D Le Hoai Quoc, Director of the SHTP, said the MEMS programme aims to build networks and connect resources abroad, thus popularising policies for attracting investment in MEMS tech; as well as developing a number of strategic MEMS-applied products.

He added that the second MEMS Forum with the theme “Grab the trend, Nurture Creations” will be held on September 28, focusing on measures to build and develop a welcoming environment for the MEMS industry.

Professor Susumu Sugiyama from Japan’s Ritsumeikan University said that MEMS and IoT have contributed to solving concrete issues related to the development of smart urban areas in HCM City towards realising sustainable socio-economic development targets.

The forum aims to build a common knowledge base and a reliable source of information, thus ensuring the feasibility and importance of building MEMS infrastructure, which will serve as a catalyst to create high-quality commercial products.

Along with the forum, exhibitions will also be held to introduce achievements in researching and applying MEMS in Vietnamese research institutes and enterprises, as well as displaying MEMS-related commercial products.


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