Work starts on improving old apartment buildings
Thứ tư, 22/06/2016, 04:20 SA
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According to statistics of HCMC Department of Construction, the city has now 1,244 apartment buildings, of which 533 were built before 1975 with 50,460 apartments equivalent to 3, 4 million square meters.

The progress of reconstruction of deteriorating old apartment buildings is very slow and failing to meet the demands of urban justification as well as aspirations of local people.

On the other hand, enterprises are not interested in participating in upgrading, reconstructing old apartment buildings due to the lack of suitable policies and mechanisms.
In the past year, the city has dismantled seriously deteriorated apartment buildings, 31 condo buildings are upgraded including 16 newly-built ones, relocating 15 level-D condo buildings (failure of meeting basic use requirements)
In 2016-2020, the city will continue to build new apartment buildings replacing old ones, striving to dismantle 120,000 m2 of seriously deteriorated apartment buildings, 240,000m2 will be newly built to replace old ones.




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