Vietnamese overseas – a precious “bank of ideas” of HCMC
Thứ năm, 29/12/2016, 01:40 SA
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After a 3-day conference with many topics discussed, the conference on Vietnamese overseas themed “Vietnamese overseas joins hands for HCMC’s rapid, sustainable development and global integration” was officially closed.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Secretary of HCMC Party Committee Dinh La Thang acknowledged all ideas and proposals of Vietnamese Overseas on the 7 breakthrough programs of the city including improvement of quality of human resource focus on quality of economic growth, administrative reform, and reduction of traffic congestion, flood control, improvement of environment, urban renovation and development.

“HCMC highly valued and respected the presence of you all here, it is a big opportunity for us to discuss, t offer suggestions and initiatives to make the best use of efficiency of every resource, to evoke potential to meet the demand of development and modernization of the city”, Mr. Thang said.

According to Mr. Thang, precious ideas come from big efforts and open heart, anxiety and fully responsibility of every delegate. He was moved to know that many Vietnamese overseas including professors, PhDs, experts working abroad despite their busy schedules, to participate into the seminar with their responsibility for the nation and their love for HCMC. The participation of a majority of Vietnamese overseas has affirmed that despite geographical, social or political mechanism differences, all Vietnamese people including Vietnamese overseas are flesh and blood relatives, living under the same roof with the same Mother – the beloved fatherland.

Mr. Thang affirmed that together with relevant departments and agencies, HCMC will continue cooperating and establishing interactive mechanisms, organizing regular dialogues and keeping in touch with Vietnamese overseas to implement such specific proposals, especially those related to improvement of living standard for local citizens.

Mr. Thang suggested that every personnel and functional organ must consider initiatives, proposals of Vietnamese overseas as important resources and a precious “bank of ideas” which are necessary for the development.


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