Vietnam-US enterprises cooperate to build plywood plant
Thứ tư, 28/03/2018, 06:55 SA
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In the morning of February 26, Minh Hung Group (Vietnam) and GFSI-MHE Manufacturing of Texas LLC (USA) inked a deal to build a plywood plant through uusing recycled composite materials.

This was the first of its kind in Vietnam. Once completed, a large amount of composite wastes in Vietnam will be recycled to produce new contruction materials. This helps deal with serious pressure of wastes discharged to environment, create new and environmentally friendly materials as well.

After technology transfer, both parties will build a US$ 50 million facility in Tien Giang province and expect to put into operation in late 2019.

The first products of the plant include shell plating, canoe plating, etc.


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