Vietnam travel handbook to be sold on Amazon
Thứ hai, 04/08/2014, 08:15 SA
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Vietnam guidebook “Saigon Zoom In” giving information of downtown areas in Ho Chi Minh City as well as well-known tourism cities in Vietnam and its cultural experiences will be sold online.

It is the first guidebook with the 11-part series “Vietnam Visual Travel Guide" which is designed as a bookazine - a publication that combines elements of books and magazines by famous artist Nguyen Tri Phuong Dong.

The guidebook will be reprinted periodically. It contains not only valuable information regarding where to go and what to do in Vietnam, but also vivid paintings, art, maps, diagrams and icons; accordingly, it provides addresses of café shops, restaurants and guidance to tourists.

According to publisher Dai Viet Hoan Cau Company, it has signed a contract with Amazon.com to sell the book with the cost of US$10 a piece. The book is written in both Vietnamese and English and published in print and online versions, said representative from Dai Viet Hoan Cau.

(Source: SGGP)

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