Vietnam Summit 2016 opens in HCMC
Thứ tư, 28/12/2016, 09:20 SA
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On November 3, Vietnam Summit 2016 themed “Smooth Sailing Ahead” co-organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economist Magazine (UK) opened in HCMC.

Speaking at the summit, Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh said Vietnam agricultural sector is now using nearly 70% of its workforce; the country aims to reduce proportion of workforce in agriculture by 40% in the coming time through developing hi-tech agriculture. In order to transfer its economic structure towards new model of growth, Vietnam will shift its workforce; strengthen process of equitization of State-owned enterprise, financial and banking restructuring. One of the breakthrough solutions is to focus on training a high quality human resource.

Development of high standard universities in the coming time will focus on improving quality of vocational training. Vietnam will improve vocational skills, combining labor automation with simple vocational skills. Education innovation will be made thoroughly and comprehensively.

At the summit, experts discussed many topics including Vietnam in the context of global economy, future of production industries to meet the demands of food in Vietnam, etc.


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