Vice Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee receives Vice President of ISE Food
Thứ ba, 10/03/2015, 08:15 SA
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On February 09, Vice Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Le Thanh Liem received Vice President of ISE Food (Japan) Shuntaro Ise to discuss co-operation opportunities.


At the meeting, Mr. Shuntaro Ise briefly introduced operations of ISE Food with a history of 120 years. ISE Food is the largest egg producer in the world using advanced technology. Mr. Shuntaro said that the visit to HCMC aimed to share information and to exchange technology in raising chickens and introduced eggs of the ISE Food, to seek co-operation opportunities with enterprises in HCMC.




Vice Chairman Le Thanh Liem highly appreciated attention of ISE Food in field of raising chicken in HCCM. Mr. Liem said that HCMC consumes nearly 3 million eggs/day and 1 billion to 1,5 billion eggs/year. He expressed his hope that ISE Food will accelerate co-operation with HCMC for mutual benefits. Mr. Liem assigned HCMC Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to discuss specific co-operation programs with ISE Food in the coming time.



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