U.S and Vietnam strengthen comprehensive partnership
Thứ hai, 10/08/2015, 10:20 SA
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The U.S Consulate General in HCM City on July 1 hosted the 239th anniversary of the US Independence (July 4, 1776- July 4, 2015). The event was attended by vice chairwoman of the HCM City People's Committee Nguyen Thi Hong, US Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius, representatives from diplomatic corps as well as the community of the American enterprises and citizens working in HCM City.




Speaking at the reception, the vice chairwoman emphasized that the two countries have made great progress in bilateral relationship.


Since the establishment of the comprehensive partnership the relationship between the two countries has been developing, bilaterally and multilaterally, in the political and diplomatic, trade, economic,  investment, education and health care areas.


To date, the city has attracted more than 300 projects worth more than US$543 million from the U.S.


The investment contributed significantly to the city's socio-economic development as well as enhanced the city's competitive capacity.


The upcoming establishment of Fulbright University in HCM City will facilitate cooperation in training of skilled workforce.


U.S. Ambassador Ted Osius said that after 20 years annual bilateral trade rose to US$35 billion from US$500.


There are nearly 17,000 Vietnamese students at American universities.


The ambassador expressed his optimism about cooperation of the two countries.


"I have learned to respect the past, I have reasons to celebrate the successes gained in the last 20 years and I know that the future of this relationship is limitless," he said.




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