Training and fostering 60,213 cadres and civil servants in 2011-2015
Thứ bảy, 24/10/2015, 07:05 SA
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(HCM CITYWEB)- According to a report of HCMC People’s Committee, from 2011 till now, HCMC has organized training and fostering courses of political theory, State management; disseminating legal documents related to cadres and civil servants, communication skills at workplace; building bidding skill, state organization; training English language for over 60,213 cadres and civil servants.

HCMC has directed relevant departments and agencies to renew training content, programs and teaching methods, focusing on updating new knowledge on political theory with learners as a key factor, increasing period of probation, discussing topics that are attached closely to professional work and socio-economic issues of HCMC. The city has strengthened training courses of communication skills at workplace for over 3,200 cadres and civil servants. Training courses of leadership skills have been regularly organized by the city to meet the demands of enhancing efficiency in the State management, administrative reform, international integration.

HCMC has sent 1,547 cadres and civil servants overseas for training in fields of education management, administrative management, project management, urban management, health, biotechnology, etc. These training courses are funded by sponsors, scholarships from foreign partners or self-sufficient study in UK, Belgium, Korea, Laos, Russia, Japan, France, Australia, etc.

Apart from training courses organized by HCMC, departments-agencies-People’s Committees of districts have also organizing training courses on profession, skill, legal knowledge, political theory, foreign language, IT, etc, for over 70,253 cadres and civil servants.


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