Trade & Culture Exchange Event with participation of ASEAN members kicks off
Thứ sáu, 25/05/2018, 08:40 SA
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In the evening of April 18, at 23/9 Park, HCMC People’s Committee hosted the “Trade-Culture Exchange Program with participation of ASEAN countries in 2018”

In his opening speech, Permanent Deputy Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Le Thanh Liem said for over 50 years, ASEAN countries have passed through a long journey to establish a united block with unique vision and identity.

Convenient travel plus bustling cultural and economic exchanges between ASEAN countries with a population of approximately 630 million, especially after establishment of ASEAN Economic Community in 2015, have made ASEAN region closer to a “common house”.

The trade and culture exchange event with participation of ASEAN members is an opportunity for people of ASEAN to share, introduce their cultural values, the history of each nation to international friends, to promote the spirit and culture of ASEAN as well as to strengthen understanding and coherence to build a sustainable, self-reliant & dynamic ASEAN Cultural-Social Community.


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