Tourism Property Association forum to kick off in HCM City
Thứ sáu, 22/08/2014, 06:15 SA
Cỡ chữ Màu chữ image

The Viet Nam Tourism Property Association Congress II, with the theme "Co-Development – Global Integration", will be held next Friday in HCM City.

More than 500 domestic and international tourism property enterprises are expected to attend.

The meeting will see the participation of 700 delegates including 50 leaders of the Party, governments, organisations, promotion centres, representatives from 63 provinces and cities, and commercial associations and counselors from 20 countries.

The forum will discuss about the activities for the next term until 2018 and solutions to develop tourism properties. A new executive board for the second term will be elected, and calls for investment in 100 tourism property projects nationwide will be made.

(Source: VNS)

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