To supply more clean water to local people
Thứ bảy, 25/07/2015, 03:45 SA
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On June 20, Chairwoman of HCMC People’s Council Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam chaired a conference on report of HCMC People’s Committee to supply clean and hygienic water in 2015 and the period of 2016-2019. Vice Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Nguyen Huu Tin and leaders of departments, agencies, People’s Committees of 24 districts of HCMC attended the conference.


According to report, Director of HCMC Department of Transport Nguyen Thanh Chung said, through a field survey, HCMC has now 1,874,114 households, of whom 1,515,763 can be able to access clean water, 358,351 households are using water from other sources such as wells, rainwater, etc.


He added through a test of water quality at 1,400 locations (where people can not access to clean water) in 7 districts including Binh Chanh, Hoc Mon, Cu Chi, Nha Be, Binh Tan, Thu Duc and District 12, the results show that 58 water samples meet physicochemical standards (4,14%), most of them can not meet standards due to low pH level, high iron water  content; 1,299 samples meet microbiological standard (92,8%); 45 samples meet physicochemical and microbiological and standards (3,21%). Therefore, underground water quality almost can not meet Vietnam criteria 02:2009 issued by Ministry of Health.




Seeking a long-term solution in 2016-2020, Mr. Nguyen Huu Tin said HCMC will focus on key solutions: investing a network, of which a network of 1,200km will be invested in 2015 to supply clean water for 116,700 households. For the rest of 241,000 households, HCMC will supply water through hygienic water supply stations. Till end of 2015, HCMC will invest 28 other water supply stations but it is only meet demands of 13,000 households. Other solution is to install water tanks, it is expected that 1,500 water tanks will be installed but facing problem of installation locations.



Mr. Nguyen Huu Tin said, in 2016, HCMC will continue to push up its investment to achieve the target of 80-95% of households accessing to clean water in 2020. The rest will rely on water tanks or installing water processing equipment at households. In addition, HCMC will step by step call for socialization in clean water to mobilize resources, investors based on the principle that the State controls water price and quality.


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