To organize Environmental Awards 2018
Thứ năm, 05/07/2018, 03:20 SA
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To honor groups, individuls and communities whose constributions are crucial for environemtnal protection, HCMC will organze to Environmental Awards 2018.

The award will be given in six categories: State management on environmental protection; education, training, communications, consultancy, supervision of environment related policies and regulations; research, application of scientific and technological advances in environemntal protection; prevention and reduction of bad impacts to environment, incident handling, recovery and improvement of environment; protection and rational use of natural resources, preservation of biodiversity and biologial safety; implementation of green growth, climate change adaptation.

Each group, individual will be awarded a certificate of merit of HCMC People’s Committee and cash as stipulated.

Time for receiving application files for the Environmental Awards 2018 will be lasted to August 30 at Sub-department of environmental protection under Department of Natural Resources and Environment (227 Dong Khoi Street, Ben Nghe Ward, Tel:028.38279669 – 13; Fax: 028.38224551).



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