The first ever TPO organized in Vietnam
Thứ hai, 16/07/2018, 06:35 SA
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From June 21-22, the first ever Tourism Promotion Organization for Asia Pacific Cities (TOP) will be organized in HCMC.

Themed: “smart tourism”, the TPO 2018 will help strengthen professional capability for TPO’s members, help delegates and participants to develop ideas, strategies and new thinking to beter serve tourism development in the Industry 4.0.

In the framework of TPO 2018, many other significant activities will be orgainzed like: presentations from international experts in Plenum 1 and 2 themed “smart tourism”; TPO Travel Trade and smart-tourism product exhibition, TPO bilateral meeting, TPO awards 2017, destination survey program, etc.

TPO is an international organization is endowed with the responsibility to encourage its members to work together to support tourism industry borne to be an inter-city network to promote the exchanges and development of tourism industry among major cities in the Asia Pacific region.

IPO has now 86 city governments and 45-odd non-government entities representing tourism-related associations, educational and research institutes, and private sectors from 10 countries and territories (Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, China, Vietnam).


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