Thai companies seek business opportunities in Vietnam
Thứ hai, 10/08/2015, 07:00 SA
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On 8 July, in HCMC, Thai Embassy, Trade Promotion Agency and Trade Center of Thailand in HCMC co-organized Vietnam-Thailand Business Forum 2015. 300 enterprises from Thailand and Vietnam participated.

 Thailand is now ranked 10th out of 100 countries and territories investing in Vietnam with 270 projects worth US$ 6, 6 billion. In 2014, two way trade of both countries reached US$ 10 billion, of which Vietnam is suffering an excess of imports over exports from Thailand, mainly material, spare parts. Vietnam exports machinery, steel, telephones, etc, to Thailand. In order to increase types of goods and export quota to Thailand, local enterprises need to improve their competitiveness through technology innovation, product quality and price. 

Vietnam is now a large market with over 90 million population, political stability and continuous developed economy, labor cost is just a half of that in Thailand. In recent 2 years, many Thai companies came to Vietnam to seek business opportunities. Deputy Director of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) Nguyen The Hung said Thai businesses have more capability to invest or expand business in Vietnam than Vietnamese companies do in Thailand due to their good development platforms and huge support from the Government in trade promotion activities. Mr. Hung believed that Vietnamese companies will learn a lot from Thai businesses in the process of integration.

At the forum, both sides’ enterprises have exchanged business opportunities related to consumer products (food, fruit, beverage); costumes, spa, wealthiness and beauty, household products, interior and exterior decoration, textile, footwear, kitchen tools, stationery, office equipment, etc.



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