Targeting 56/56 communes recognized as new rural areas before April 30
Chủ nhật, 05/04/2015, 01:15 SA
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Till end of February 2015, 27 communes were recognized as new style rural areas, it is expected that additional 21 communes will be recognized till end of Quarter 1 of 2015, other 8 communes will be completed in April (before April 30).

Speaking at the summing up, Mr. Tran Thanh Nam, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – Deputy Head of The Central Steering Committee for National Target Program on new rural development, praised efforts and results of the Party, authorities of HCMC on new area development. Mr. Nam suggested that HCMC continue to improve material and spiritual lives of people, enhancing quality of criteria of new style rural area, especially criteria of income, production development, etc.

In order to complete the target of 29 remaining communes recognized as new style rural areas meeting 19 criteria before May 2015, Mr. Le Thanh Hai, Secretary of HCMC People’s Party, requested authorities at all levels, political and social organizations must raise awareness of roles, positions in development of urban agriculture; upholding roles of farmers; taking care of livings of rural citizens; defining construction of new style rural area as a process; strengthening leadership of authorities at all levels; enhancing ability of State management apparatus on agriculture-rural area; bringing into play the roles of Fatherland Front, farmer association and of political – social organizations.   

Mr. Hai noted that new rural development will be associated with urban agriculture development, applying biotechnology; strengthening processing industry and services in rural areas; giving priorities to capital arrangement for production projects, technical and social infrastructure; preventing crimes and social evils; ensuring peaceful lives for rural people.

On this occasion, HCMC officially recognized 27 communes as new style rural areas; awarding Certificates of Merit to 57 group joining in new rural development, granting Certificates of Merit to 44 groups and individuals who have done a good job in implementing National Target Program on new rural development in 2014.


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