Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone to build green model
Thứ tư, 29/04/2015, 02:45 SA
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Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone (Tan Thuan EPZ) is the first industrial park of the whole country with an area of 300 hectares. Its technical infrastructure is designed in the modern direction to become a green, clean, beautiful and environmental friendly industrial park.

Tan Thuan EPZ has 3 three-storey workshops, leasing area of 10.000m2, 1six-storey workshop with a leasing area of over 12.000m2, this workshop has modern design meeting manufacturing demand of high-tech sector. In 2014, Tan Thuan Company has started construction of model of 8 - storey workshop with leasing area of 12.490m2, this workshop is expected to complete at the end of 3rd quarter of 2015.

Tan Thuan EPZ has a concentrated wastewater treatment plant with capacity of 10.000m3/day&night in accordance with microbiology and chemical processing technology, quality of wastewater after processed meet grade A of Vietnam standard. In 2014, Tan Thuan company has invested and  increased capacity of concentrated wastewater processing station from 10.000m3 to 15.000 m3 with investment capital of US$ 2 million.

In order to save energy, Tan Thuan company has replaced all of its street lighting systems by super bright and energy saving lamps (600 lamps) from 400w down to 100W, 250W to 75W but ensure the lighting level, saving approximately 700.000Kwh per year.

With support form Management Board of Export Processing Zones – Industrial Parks of HCMC, Tan Thuan EPZ is chosen for pilot program of building the first green export processing zone of HCMC.

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