Survey on household living standard 2016
Thứ tư, 27/02/2019, 11:29 SA
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HCMC People’s Committee has directed Heads of Departments-Agencies, Chairmen of districts in HCMC to carry the Decision No 1095 dated November 18 2015 by the General Statistics Office of Vietnam on conducting household living standard survey 2016.

Accordingly, departments-agencies-units-localities need to do a good job in co-operating, supporting the statistic sector. HCMC’s Statistics Office has a responsibility to chair, co-ordinate with related departments and agencies, People’s Committees of districts where the survey covers; coordinating with information and communications agencies to organize propaganda programs on purposes, significance and importance of the survey.

According to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam (Ministry of Planning and Investment), the survey is a part of national statistics investigation program. It aims to collect information as a basis for classifying, composing national statistics targets on household living standard, providing statistics information to departments and agencies at all levels to assess poverty situation and poverty disparity in the direction of multi-dimensional approach, serving the policy planning activities and national target program to increase the living standards of people nationwide.


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