Supervising the equitization of State owned enterprises in HCMC
Thứ tư, 29/04/2015, 02:25 SA
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On March 23, a delegation of HCMC National Assembly organized a meeting with HCMC People’s Committee on supervision of restructuring of State owned enterprises, innovation and equitization of 100% State owned enterprises in HCMC.

According to the report of HCMC People’s Committee, till February 28, 2015, 10/14 corporations, parent companies - subsidiaries divested capital at 43 enterprises with expected value at VND 633.4 billion, divested capital of VND 577.4 billion, residual value of VND 674.77 billion.

On the basis of divestment in 2014, HCMC People’s Committee continues enact its investment divestment plan to State-owned enterprises in 2015 in the spirit of pushing up the speed of divestment, completing before the plan and adjusting the ratio of divestment in a way that is suitable with practical situations at enterprises.

According to the plan of innovation of 100% State-owned enterprises under HCMC People’s Committee from 2013-2015, HCMC will equitize 31 enterprises and rearrange 25 enterprises, of which 21 enterprises will be equitized in 2015. For 25 enterprises rearranged, till February 2015, 7/25 are completed, of which 3/9 go bankrupt, 1/7 dissolved, 1/6 sold and 2/2 merged.



Mr. Le Manh Ha commented that equitization process is on the right track due to determination of the Government and prompt resolve of recommendations submitted by localities.  HCMC is very determined to create conditions for enterprises to complete their equitization on time. The result of equitization in 2013 is not achieved as planned, 2014 is basically completed and in 2015, HCMC will strive to achieve or surpass the expected plan, expressed by Mr. Le Manh Ha.


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