Summing up the Project “Educating 5 million mothers bringing up well their children”
Thứ hai, 07/12/2015, 03:00 SA
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To equip parenting knowledge and skills for mothers who have children under 16 years old, to help minors raise awareness of the law, moral values, living skills, to uphold their strength, wisdom, etc, are results that the project 704 (Educating 5 million mothers bringing up well their children) achieved after 5 years of implementation in HCMC.

Since implementing, HCMC has expanded the project to 340,000 parents, provided them with parenting knowledge and skills, 162,000 minors were directly guided how to take care of themselves, they have been provided with psycho physiological knowledge, living skills and reproductive health care, etc.

The project has helped fathers, mothers who have children under 16 years old in HCMC to clearly define their roles and positions in society and families. They are encouraged to participate into social activities contributing to the construction of prosperous, equal and happy families.

In order to make the project 704 effectively, Vietnam Women’s Unions at all levels have promoted the propaganda content on festival days such as 8 March, Vietnam Family Day, Vietnam Population Day, action month for children, breastfeeding week, etc. The Project 704 has joined into the “5-no, 3 clean family construction” movement to raise awareness of roles and positions of families and responsibility for constructing a happy family and bringing up well children.


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