Sum up ceremony of 15 year old market stabilization program
Thứ hai, 19/06/2017, 07:40 SA
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(HCM CityWeb) – On March 31, HCMC People’s Committee organized a sum up ceremony of 15 year old market stabilization program of HCMC in 2002-2017.

Over the last 15 years, the program has resulted in changes in thoughts and awareness from “price stabilization” to “market stabilization”. The program has achieved positive results in 4 major goals: promoting domestic production, developing distribution system, regulating demand-supply market price, carrying the movement of “Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese products” by the Politburo.

Selling point network under the program has significantly increased from 241 in inner-city areas in 2002 to 10, 552 covering 24 districts.

The efficiency of the program has been highly valued by the Government and Ministry of Industry and Trade, it has been requested to be expanded nationwide. Till now, the program has been implemented in 48 cities and provinces with stable supply on large scale, good quality, reasonable price, nationwide retail system. The program has helped regulate supply-demand, stabilize market, control inflation and ensure social security.

In order to enhance efficiency of the program in the period of 2017-2022, HCMC will continue doing research, upgrading and supplementing new measures of implementation. The city will mobilize participation from social resources to meet demand of socio-economic development in the context of global integration, enhancing efficiency of market warning and assessment system, building supply chain, promoting trade infrastructure, improving efficiency of goods flow.


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