Striving for 185,000 voluntary blood donators in 2016
Thứ ba, 16/02/2016, 10:10 SA
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HCMC People’s Committee aims to strengthen voluntary blood donation activities in 2016

Accordingly, HCMC People’s Committee requests heads of departments, agencies, unions, People’s Committees of districts, schools, companies, armed forces in the city to strengthen propaganda activities of voluntary blood donation, striving for 180,000 voluntary blood donators (230,000 blood units), of which 65% are blood bags 350ml-450ml with good quality (over 94%), setting out plan on mobilizing at least 30% of public staffs, trade unionists, youths, student to voluntarily donate blood in 2016, coordinating with HCMC Humanitarian Blood Donation Center (under HCMC Red Cross Society) or HCMC Blood Transfusion and Hematology Hospital (Department of Health) to arrange locations of receiving blood, organizing health checks and selecting eligible blood donators, striving for 82,700 voluntary blood donators in 2016. 

HCMC Humanitarian Blood Donation Center and The Steering Board for Voluntary Blood Donation Mobilization of districts, wards, communes to set up detailed plans on mobilization of 102,300 blood donators with good blood quality, organizing propaganda for voluntary blood donation fit with international humanitarian principles of International Federation of Red Cross, providing full of health regulations to voluntary blood donators, strengthening mobilization and development of a reserve force of blood donation ready for donating blood when needed.


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