Strive for 100% of subjects experiencing unexpected difficulties to receive timely assistance
Thứ ba, 15/08/2017, 08:20 SA
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The People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has set up a plan to implement the project "Renovation and development of social assistance in 2017-2025 and vision to 2030" of the Prime Minister in the City.


The target for the 2017-2020 period is that 100% of the subjects experiencing unexpected difficulties shall be promptly assisted; to raise the monthly social allowance; the elderly who have difficult circumstances and have no pension or subsidy from the State, the ethnic minority people who live in the mangrove forest biosphere Reserve and Thanh An Commune (Can Gio District) shall be entitled to social allowance; 50% of people in particularly difficult circumstances shall be provided with appropriate social assistance services, of which at least 10% of them shall be provided with comprehensive social assistance services.


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