Strict control on administrative procedures
Thứ tư, 27/02/2019, 11:29 SA
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HCMC People’s Committee has laid out implementation orientations on controlling administrative procedures in 2016.

Accordingly, HCMC will strengthen propaganda programs on regulations related to administrative procedures, introducing guiding documents of Ministry of Justice and HCMC People’s Committee on controlling administrative procedures, considering administrative procedure control as a key and regular task, implementing the Instruction 30/2014/CT-UBND of HCMC People’s Committee on re-organizing and strengthening efficiency of implementation of administrative procedures and implementation plan of the Instruction 13/CT-TTg of Prime Minister on responsibility of person in charge of administrative reform.

HCMC continues to review and standardize administrative procedures under authority of departments, agencies, People’s Committee of districts, communes; ensuring full announcement of administrative procedures under authority of HCMC People’s Committee based on national database on administrative procedures, or posted on website of HCMC People’s  Committee or listed on headquarters of units in charge of administrative procedures.
In addition, HCMC will strengthen inspection of public service agencies, strictly controlling of administrative procedures, promptly handling bureaucracies, harassments in the process of handling administrative procedures, etc.



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