Strengthening training activities on demand
Thứ năm, 15/09/2016, 09:30 SA
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According to HCMC’s report, there are now 433 vocational training facilities in HCMC including 17 vocational training colleges, 27 vocational training schools, 64 vocational training centers and 325 other vocational training facilities. In 2015, a total of 467,000 students were enrolled. Vocational training activities have made positive contributions to the improvement of quality of human resource of the city. Till end of 2015, the rate of trained laborers reached 72, 39%.

In the coming time, the city will continue expanding the quantity and efficiency of vocational training on the market demand at 3 standards: college, vocational school and primary level to meet the diversified demand of the society, of which a focus will be put on key fields and high quality services with high added value to meet requirements of socio-economic development and international integration.

In addition, the city will emphasize on constructing key vocational schools and training courses in accordance with advanced standards of developed countries in ASEAN region to serve key industries, high quality services and transfer laborers in ASEAN, strengthening programs of “training on market demand”, adding vocational training management mechanisms and policies, encouraging socialization and mobilizing foreign and domestic captial sources.


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