Special TV bridge: “The first spring”
Thứ sáu, 05/06/2015, 14:30 CH
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On the occasion of 40 years of liberation of Southern Vietnam and national reunification, on April 27, the special TV bridge entitled “The First Spring” was organized at Nguyen Du Stadium (HCMC) and outdoor studio in Hanoi.

 “The First Spring ” is a special art program, a song sent to many generations of Vietnamese people and heroes who fought for independence and freedom. The war is over, peace has come, but memories of going to war, of great victory of soldiers and people in the Great Spring Victory 1975 still deeply remain in heart of every Vietnamese.

The program includes 3 parts: Country in spring days, sacred moments and patriotism. Through the program, audiences will meet many special guests, reporters on the battlefield, revolutionary soldiers and those who came through the war by blood and tear, those who left their hometowns and return on the independence day.

Speaking at the program, Mr. Le Hoang Quan, Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee stressed: “We never forget great contributions of revolutionary martyrs, compatriots or fellow citizens who have fallen, we will not forget support of international friends for the our independence today. Our Party, people and authorities will continue to bring into play the patriotic tradition, creative spirit to heal the wounds of war, to conduct national reconciliation, together we build a more beautiful country as the words of Uncle Ho. Together with the whole country and for the whole country, HCMC determines to successfully carry out the goals of building a prosperous people, strong country and a just, democratic and civilized society”.


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