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Thứ tư, 15/07/2015, 14:10 CH
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On June 9, Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Le Hoang Quan and Vice Chairman Nguyen Huu Tin co-chaired a preliminary meeting of traffic safety in the first 5 months and implementing tasks in the rest of 2015.



At the meeting, Mr. Le Hoang Quan noted that 58 people died per month on average in HCMC, almost 1, 9 people died per day. In May alone, the number of deaths increases suddenly. Number of deaths caused by traffic accidents in HCMC was reduced from 1,400 (in 2005, 2006) to 700, nearly 50%. The figure comes from big efforts of the Party, authorities at all levels in the context of rising traffic means.


“Taking a look back at our efforts, we have made progress and achieved good results, expressing our high determination. But we have seen many traffic accidents year by year, some very serious such as the death of a 5 member family in May 31 in Thu Duc district, this is seriously concerned”, shared by Mr. Le Hoang Quan.


Mr. Quan also requested that departments, agencies at all levels of HCMC have to work out strong solutions for reducing serious traffic accidents, maximum reducing number of deaths due to traffic accidents. Departments and agencies must seek solutions for reorganizing activities of studying and issuing driving licenses, improving quality of register and handling violations of traffic laws, ensuring safety of lives of people and social order and security.


Departments, agencies and local authorities must strengthen State management of unlicensed coaches, unlicensed stations. Chairman of District’s Committee where unlicensed coaches and stations occurs must be responsible. Mr. Quan stressed that HCMC People’s Committee will assigns Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee –HCMC the job of supervising the above activities.


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