Siemens launches Desigo Control Center
Thứ năm, 14/05/2015, 09:20 SA
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Siemens Vietnam has recently launched the Desigo Control Center (Desigo CC) – a new benchmark of building control technology.



Desigo CC is the first control center that integrates all of a building systems from ventilation, heating, air-conditioning, fire warning and safety, shading, intrusion detection, lighting and power safety. Desigo CC allows flexible, convenient and effective  performance of building’s systems at the highest level of network security.


This is the first time that the software platform is used by engineers and security guards of the buildings. Desigo CC also positions customers for future growth: additional systems can be able to added to management station after initial system installation.


President  and CEO of Siemens Vietnam, Dr Pham Thai Lai said that Siemens has become the market pioneer in integrating all existing systems into a single management station. Desigon CC is built on the foundation of long time software and WinCC in industry automation, Apogee and Desigo in building automation and MM 8000 in danger management. Desigo CC is believed to be the most powerful platform and the best seller product of Siemens in the coming time.



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