Siemens improves the performance of Vietnamese transmission grid
Thứ hai, 19/06/2017, 07:45 SA
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As part of a program to ensure a reliable national power supply in Vietnam, Siemens will supply and install products and systems for detecting and evaluating failure situations in the grid, for ensuring grid quality and for detecting and monitoring dynamic grid states.

The Siguard PDP wide –area monitoring system installed at national power grid control center will help ensure that the transmission grid in Vietnam operates reliably. The equipment will make it easier to quickly assess the current condition of the grid. For example, power swings and fluctuations are immediately displayed to help the control center personnel determine the cause of the problem and immediately take corrective action.

Chairman cum CEO of Siemens Vietnam Pham Thai Lai said the shortage of power in Vietnam also faces energy losses in the process of transmission and distribution of power because of some reasons. Vietnam Government has been making huge efforts in reducing these losses. It is a pride of Siemens to support national power grid control center to successfully implement power transmission system to improve performance of transmission grid.



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