SHTP attracts over US$ 4 billion investment capital
Thứ năm, 27/11/2014, 07:45 SA
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Saigon High Technology Park (SHTP) celebrated its 12th-birthday ceremony on October 24. At the ceremony, Prof Le Hoai Quoc, director of the management board said SHTP to date has attracted 67 projects with total investment capital of over US$ 4billion.


Over past 12 years, the production value reached over US$ 9 billion, including exporting goods. SHTP has gathered professional skill human resource, including a number of staffs graduated colleges and the universities rated around 40 percents of total employees.
However, Dr Le Hoai Quoc acknowledged that the import value for components and equipment of the enterprises are still high with an estimate of approximately US$ 8 billion. In the 2014- 2020 period, SHTP will continue to focus on attracting professional skill enterprises as well as promoting its advantages in order to become the largest high tech center in the country in general and in Southern region in particular.
Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy chairman of the city’s People’s Committee Le Manh Ha affirmed that SHTP marked its twelfth –birthday ceremony with the attraction value of US$ 1.8 billion, accounting for almost 2/3 of the city’s total investment capital in 2014, meaning with such a strong growth, SHTP has proved its development potential about information technology sector.

SHTP is located in Tan Phu Ward, District 9 which known as one of Vietnam’s only two national high tech parks hold leading position in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) capital attraction.



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