Selecting a feasible plan for the 2nd urban Railway line in HCMC
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On March 31, at the meeting on investment and construction of the second urban metro line Ben Thanh –Thu Thiem and Tham Luong-An Suong, HCMC Department of Transport has proposed three plans. Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Le Hoang Quan, Vice Chairman Nguyen Huu Tin and representatives of other departments attended.

According to HCMC Department of Transport, the 2nd urban metro line from Ben Thanh to Thu Thiem which is 5,9km long, underground section from Ben Thanh bus station to Ham Nghi bus station crossing river to Children’s Palace of District 2 (3,26km is underground, applied for 3 plans)

First plan: underground section as mentioned above to Children’s Palace of District 2 will be  transmitted above the ground, located between heart of Mai Chi Tho Street and Thu Thiem terminal, which is valued at US$ 755 million.

Second plan: underground section as mentioned above, then continues running underground to the North of Mai Chi Tho Street with land clearance area of 54,700m2. This work will directly affect the system of sewers, increasing costs of construction, maintenance, repair and not convenient for receiving visitors from the South and of bus rapid transit route, this bid package is valued at US$ 989 million.

Third plan: underground section as mentioned above, then continues running completely underground between Mai Chi Tho Street to Thu Thiem terminal. Due to completely underground running, it causes no impact on the landscape of Thu Thiem area. But it lies on a mud bag, so it is easy to be subsided and not well-connected with bus rapid transit route. It is expected at US$ 1,02 billion.

For the section of Tham Luong-An Suong, the total route above the ground started from Tan Binh bus station to An Suong bus Station has 8 stations, land clearance will be conducted in the period of 2015-2016.




At the meeting, Mr. Le Hoang Quan requested that all departments, sectors and construction units must highly promote sense of responsibility, study experience from large projects of HCMC, avoid unnecessary mistakes and urgently devote all efforts for Metro line No.1 and No.2 to keep up with schedule in 2015. The Chairman assigned HCMC Department of Transport the job of establishing a working group to carry out the project, affirmed that work design will be attached to planning of Ministry of Transport, doing research on connecting Thu Thiem gas station with bus rapid transit route, Metro line, railway and all waterways to uphold the entire effectiveness of passenger transport, doing research on the most optimal plan and the cost submitted to HCMC People’s Committee for consideration.


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