Secretary Nguyen Thien Nhan attends the 10th anniversary of Vietnam-Germany University
Thứ ba, 16/10/2018, 08:10 SA
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On September 8, Secretary of HCMC Party Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan attended the 10th anniversary of Vietnam-Germany University. Attendees of the ceremony included Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, Secretary of Binh Duong Party Committee Chan Van Nam, Mr. Boris Rhein Minister of Science and Arts of Hessen Stage (Germany)

More than 10 years, Vietnam-Germany University (VGU) has achieved impressive results with a total of 150 lecturers and employees, all are equipped with highly professional skills and fluency in at least one foreign language (English), many of them can speak English and German fluently and carefully selected in accordance to Germany professor standard. A big number of German professors (120 professors/year) participate into teaching activities and supporting to enhance research capacity for VGU’s teaching team.

Regarding to research activities, over 200 reports were printed on magazines or introduced at domestic and international conferences, 60 projects were printed in international magazines (38 ISI reports and 4 Scopus reports), equivalent to 0.6 ISI report/lecturer/year.

On behalf of the Government, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam praised the achieved results of VGU in the last 10 years, Mr. Dam suggested VGU to focus on some key contents: completing modern administration apparatus which can be spread to other universities in Vietnam; focusing resources and cooperating with other German universities and international universities to develop a German standard advanced training program with international recognition and accreditation.

Speaking at the ceremony, Secretary Nhan emphasized that the 10th anniversary of VGU marks an important milestone of such a young university, a step toward global integration of Vietnam higher education system and an impressive results of Vietnam-Germany economic-cultural-educational-scientific-technological and diplomatic cooperation relations.
Mr. Nhan also highly valued the educational and training activities of VGU, saying it is a model of training with advanced quality. Despite of studying in Vietnam, but students are granted with Bachelor and Master of German and European academic models and standards.

Secretary Nhan also suggested that VGU should provide both students and lecturers training programs with higher quality to offer highly-skilled human resources to society and recruiters.


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