Secretary Dinh La Thang to congratulate Prof. PhD Tran Hong Quan
Thứ năm, 29/12/2016, 01:35 SA
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On November 12, Secretary of HCMC Party Committee Dinh La Thang paid a visit and congratulated Prof.PhD Tran Hong Quan, former member of Central Party Committee, former Minister of Education and Training, Chairman of Association of Vietnam Universities-Colleges on the 34th anniversary of Vietnam Teachers’ Day (20/11/1982 - 20/11/2016).

Mr. Thang sent his regards to Prof.PhD Tran Hong Quan and briefly informed about the conference of “Vietnamese Overseas join hands for HCMC’s fast, sustainable development and global integration”, saying that the conference collected many ideas and proposals contributed by Vietnamese Overseas on HCMC’s development.

Mr. Thang expressed his hope that Prof.PhD Tran Hong Quan continues making contributions to the development of education sector of Vietnam in general and of HCMC in particular.

For his part, Prof.PhD Tran Hong Quan thanked HCMC Party Committee-People’s Council-Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee HCMC for their attention to the Vietnam Teachers’ Day. Prof Tran Hong Quan expressed his belief on the strong development of HCMC.


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