Secretary Dinh La Thang: it is the right time for linking Viet strength
Thứ hai, 14/11/2016, 09:30 SA
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On September 30, nearly 1000 entrepreneurs took part in “CEO 3.0” forum: Liking Viet strength – Walk to Talk organized by HCMC Young Entrepreneur Association. Secretary of HCMC Party Committee and Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee attended the forum.

In his opening speech, Mr. Dinh La Thang affirmed: “We have all necessary conditions for linking Viet strength and we have to make it. Why do I assert that? Because our national history is the history of overcoming difficulty. At this moment, businesses themselves and the government must be aware that we are in the same boat moving forward together, the rest depends on our determination”.

Mr. Thang mentioned 4 questions for speakers and CEOs: will patriotic tradition and the Party’s tradition help connect and create leverage for businesses? Can CEOs connect with current policies transparently? (If not, why?) Can CEOs adapt to criteria of new Free Trade Agreements and what are urgent preparations? Will the goal of 1 million businesses by 2020, a half from HCMC, be attainable?

Experience from successful countries says that it is necessary to create a team of CEOs. There is no doubt that this team must own a very high national spirit to put national interest first. It means that CEOS must unite, share experience, opportunities and risks with a motto of win-win to make the country the biggest winner.

“Today, I earnestly call for a close solidarity from a community with highest responsibility for the nation’s prosperity to create a power of moving mountain and draining sea which our forefathers did when founding the country. I believe we will certainly make it”, Mr. Thang said.

At the forum, HCMC’s leaders affirmed that the city commits to better implement its mechanisms, policies for businesses and investors. The city’s leaders said that they put their faith in businesses of all economic components, domestic and foreign invested companies to contribute to the common development of the city.


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