Secretary Dinh La Thang: creating better educational products
Thứ bảy, 22/04/2017, 03:20 SA
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As a special urban area with big population, despite special attention and priority to education, overloaded situation frequently occurs leading to serious problems. In order to meet the development requirements, apart from budget’s investment capital, educational and training sector need to conduct the spirit of self-control, socialization or even mobilize other investment resources. This was emphasized by Secretary of HCMC Party Committee Dinh La Thang at a working session with HCMC Department of Education and Training on February 23.

According to Mr. Dinh La Thang, education is a solid foundation for the city’s development, he requested HCMC People’s Committee to direct related departments and units to ensure a balance of investment resources, quality of educational facilities, schools. He also requested HCMC Department of Finance to coordinate with HCMC Department of Education and Training to ease financial mechanisms and create favorable conditions for education and training sector to exercise its spirit of self-control. Especially, he suggested HCMC Department of Education and Training to strengthen decentralization to affiliated units to inspect the implementation publicly, democratically and transparently.

Secretary Thang noted that the exercise of self-control and socialization should not cause any impact on educational and training quality; it must be implemented publicly and transparently to receive high consensus from the society, especially parents of students. The purpose is to create better educational products with living standards of teachers improved.

Mr. Thang also requested the city’s educational and training sector to focus on improving training quality, pursuing innovation to meet the requirements of global integration, reducing pressure for students, building a roadmap for ending extra-classes, focusing on physical education and comprehensive development skills, providing swimming and water safety lessons.


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