Saigon high-tech firm to build IC-making factory
Thứ tư, 22/10/2014, 09:30 SA
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Saigon Semiconductor Technology Inc. (SSTI) has been awarded an investment certificate to build a factory in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 9 that costs more than 257.5 million USD for making semiconductor integrated circuits (IC), a local newspaper reported.

Le Bich Loan, Deputy Chief of Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP)’s management, told the Saigon Times Daily on the sidelines of the Annual International Conference 2014 held at SHTP on September 18 that SSTI will develop the largest IC-making factory in Vietnam.

The investor has established a firm specializing in semiconductor technology to construct its manufacturing facility over an area covering two hectares at an estimated cost of over 257.5 million USD to supply ICs to the telecommunications sector.

SSTI will also develop a centre for research and development and a multi-functional line for testing comprising high-frequency and energy-saving devices such as light-emitting diode (LED) and solar panels.

All products manufactured by the factory aim to meet the domestic demand, replace imported products and set the cornerstone for developing the semiconductor industry in Vietnam. SSTI is also the first local privately-owned company to invest in semiconductor-making at the hi-tech park, according to SHTP.

Meanwhile, Saigon Industry Corporation (CNS) also has a project to build an IC-making factory that costs around 6.6 trillion VND to provide 1.8 billion ICs worth a combined 90 million USD a year.

Although the corporation has plans to carry out this project, it has yet to receive a formal approval to break ground for the manufacturing facility at the hi-tech park.

CNS’s project is part of the city’s programme on IC industry development. The corporation still insists on realizing the project and the hi-tech park has pledged to allocate 10 hectares of land for its construction, according to SHTP.

The city’s authorities set out this IC programme two years ago with an aim of obtaining 100-150 million USD of revenue, training as many as 2,000 technicians and engineers, and establishing about 30 enterprises operating in the IC industry by 2017. The programme is estimated to cost an initial 7.5 trillion VND.

Many local and foreign experts at previous seminars held in the city said if the municipal programme on developing the IC industry is realised, it will fuel the economy, add more value to Vietnamese electronic goods and help the country join the global supply chain.

The Annual International Conference 2014, which is themed “Advancing Biomedical Engineering through Semiconductor Technology Applications”, was a chance for local and foreign scientists and experts to exchange related information and look for business opportunities in the biomedical and semiconductor sectors.

The conference also featured exhibitions of various biomedical and micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) products.



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