Sagri focuses on key business and production sectors
Thứ tư, 08/02/2017, 02:15 SA
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On December 29, Saigon Agriculture Incorporation (Sagri) celebrated its 20th anniversary (30/12/1976 – 30/12/2016).

After 20 years of construction and development, despite difficulties in early stage, Sagri has expanded its business and production activities in fields of animal husbandry, cultivation, forestry, aquaculture-seafood, processing industry, service, etc. These activities have continuously developed and made great contributions to the agricultural development of HCMC.

Sagri has now 5 large-scale pig farms installed with modern equipment with a capacity of 36,100 pigs producing 5, 820 piglets.

Besides animal husbandry, cultivation and forestry are considered as Sagri’s two key sectors. Typically, rubber compared to “white gold” has a total area of 2, 363 hectares making significant contributions to the Sagri’s revenue.
Other sectors including industry, processing and service have also made big contributions to Sagri’s success in the last 20 years. Sagri has successfully exported its key products (agriculture, forestry, seafood) such as rice, cashew nut, coffee, corn, soy bean, wheat, wood made products, crocodile, plant protection drug, etc. to European and Asian markets.

Speaking at the celebration ceremony, Permanent Deputy Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Le Thanh Liem praised achieved results of Sagri’s official, employees and workers in the last 20 years.

Mr. Le Thanh Liem suggested Sagri to continuously strengthen the process of restructuring, innovation and re-arrangement of businesses in the direction optimization, efficiency; focusing on key business-production sectors; strengthening application of hi-tech agriculture, biotechnology to improve productivity and product quality; expanding goods chain; improving competitiveness and effectively using State’s capital.




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