RMIT and Biotechnology Center of HCMC signs MOU
Thứ hai, 25/05/2015, 08:10 SA
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(HCM CityWeb)- On April 23, at the campus of RMIT University Vietnam, Biotechnology Center of HCMC (HCM Biotech) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with RMIT.

The MOU aims to enhance mutual cooperation and support in education and research and to create internship opportunities for RMIT Vietnam students.

According to the MOU, RMIT Vietnam will provide English language training for Biotechnology Centre staff to achieve proficiency in academic English as well as master a number of required skills for tertiary studies overseas. RMIT University Australia through RMIT Vietnam and HCMC Biotech will also deliver undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as research opportunities in biotechnology either at Vietnam or Australia. Short-term training programs in biotechnology are also being developed.

In addition, HCM Biotech will provide input and advice for biotechnology courses offered at RMIT Vietnam, plus support research discussions, seminars and academic meetings. Internship opportunities at the Biotechnology Centre will be on offer for students.

RMIT Australia Vice-Chancellor Martin Bean CBE expressed his belief that roles of RMIT and HCM Biotech are important for development of societies where their headquarters located. With this MOU, RMIT and HCM Biotech till provide opportunities to build capacity across biotechnology and contribute in a meaningful way to the development of Vietnam.

Dr. Duong Hoa Xo, Director of HCM Biotech, believed that co-operation will be of benefit to every party. He said that establishment of official relations with RMIT will be useful for HCM Biotech to develop a high quality scientific – technology human resource, enhance and diversify scientific and technology capacity. With strengths of facilities and young and dynamic scientists, HCM Biotech is a perfect partner for RMIT Vietnam to develop training courses as well as research activities of biotechnology in HCMC.

The MOU between RMIT and HCM Biotech will be effective for two years.


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