Releasing 450,000 fishes into Tau Hu-Ben Nghe Canal
Thứ hai, 25/05/2015, 08:10 SA
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(HCM CityWeb)- April 24, in response to Vietnamese Fisheries Traditional Day (April 1 1959 –April 1 2015), HCMC Department of Agriculture and Rural Development held a ceremony to release fishes into Tau Hu-Ben Nghe Canal.

Leaders and people of HCMC released over 450,000 fishes into Tau Hu-Ben Nghe canal. Fishes releases include carp, catfish, tilapia and anabas. This is the third consecutive year HCMC released fishes into this canal to improve water environment and raise awareness of local people about fisheries protection.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Tat Thanh Cang said that the event aimed to renew fishery resource, better improve environment in renewed canals of HCMC. Apart from cleaning the water, reproduction of fish resource also aimed to preserve, recover and develop fishery resources, protect environment; preserve clean, green and nice landscapes of HCMC.

Mr. Cang also directed Departments and related agencies, People’s Committee of Districts, Wards to promote propaganda activities of raising awareness of environment protection in industrial production, reproduction and development of fishery resource. He suggested Vietnam Fatherland Front of HCMC and unions continue to promote propaganda program of all people participating into protecting fishery protection in HCMC.


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