Registration for Establishment and Change of Affiliates
Thứ năm, 03/11/2005, 03:17 SA
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To continue administrative reform in the investment area, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment would like to introduce the “On-line Registration for Establishment and Change of Affiliates”.

The highlight of the event will be a seminar held in Ho Chi Minh City on November 29, which will be attended by two famous Danish architects, namely Prof. Dr. Tom Nielsen from the Aarhus School of Architecture and Tina Saaby Madsen, Chief City Architect of Copenhagen.

The two architects will share with Vietnam their experience in carrying out urban planning policies and solutions.

Denmark is among the world’s leading nations in terms of green technology and green growth is an important area in the comprehensive cooperation agreement between the Vietnamese and Danish Governments.

Last year, the “Danish Week – Sustainable City Solutions” was held in Hanoi from December 12-17, and in Ho Chi Minh City from December 14-19.

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