Recognition of 16 national standard schools
Thứ tư, 30/08/2017, 08:55 SA
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The City People's Committee has decided to recognize 12 national standard schools of level 1, including 8 kindergartens: Rang Dong 11 (district 6), Be Ngoan (district 8), Preschool Ward 13 (district 10), Son Ca 14 (Phu Nhuan district), An Thoi Dong and Tam Thon Hiep (Can Gio district), 19/8 Preschool and Be Ngoan 3 (Hoc Mon district) and 4 primary schools including Dong Hoa and Hoa Hiep (Can Gio district), Trung Lap Ha and Trung Lap Thuong (Cu Chi District).

Particularly, Hoa Hong Kindergarten (District 7) is recognized as national standard level 2.

In addition, three junior high schools are recognized as national standards in the 2016 - 2021 period including Ly Thanh Tong (District 8), Long Hoa (Can Gio District) and Nhuan Duc (Cu Chi District).



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