Real estate market is recovering
Thứ hai, 15/06/2015, 15:20 CH
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On May 12, Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine organized a conference entitled: Real Estate – investment opportunities in the next 5 years. The conference attracted participation of 55 delegates including leaders of enterprises in fields of real estate, banking, securities, finance and investors.

At the conference, speakers presented hot issues of real estate market like macro-economic impact on real estate market in the near future, joining hands of banks and real estate enterprises, property panorama in three big markets, etc. Speakers also stressed overall picture of real estate market in the coming years, they affirmed the important role of banks to rescue the real estate market in the past years.

Economic expert Vo Tri Thanh said that real estate market is now recovering, volume of transactions is rising sharply. Liquidity is also increasing, real estate market is not only attracting attention of cheap price segment but also middle and high segments. The real estate market is on the stage of recovery.

The first 4 months of 2015 saw 8000 successful transactions, triple than that of the same period of 2014. Besides, volume of inventory is significantly reducing. This predicts an eventful real estate market in the coming time, especially in affordable segment.

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