Promoting national tradition to build a united community
Thứ năm, 29/12/2016, 01:35 SA
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On November 12, at the conference on Vietnamese Overseas themed “Vietnamese Overseas join hands for HCMC’s rapid, sustainable development and global integration”, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended and delivered a speech.

At the conference, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc highly valued ideas and suggestions contributed by Vietnamese overseas on practical issues related to the country’s development. It presents the dedication, responsibility of Vietnamese Overseas for HCMC’s development in particular and of Vietnam in general. Mr. Phuc expressed his hope that Vietnamese Overseas depending on their ability and conditions, should bring into play the national tradition, join hands to build a united community, to preserve the cultural values and noble manners of Vietnamese people.

Mr. Phuc said Vietnam is very active in integrating into the global economy by expanding and maintaining harmony with national interests, maximum promoting internal resources and make use of external resources to successfully implement the target of fast and sustainable development, to build Vietnam a rich-strong-democratic-fair and civilized country. In this process, HCMC should be a pioneer in the process of modernization and industrialization, doing a good job as an economic locomotive of the Southern key economic zone and of the whole country, striving to become an advance financial-commercial-scientific-technology center of the region.

Mr. Phuc affirmed that it is the Government’s determination to innovate and to make the Government a tectonic one of action, to focus on completing institutions, to remove barriers, to serve people and enterprises and to promote all resources. In parallel, the Government will speed up the process of economic restructuring combined with renovation of growl model, make use of opportunities from the 4th industrial revolution to elevate the economy and to enhance competitiveness.

Mr. Phuc also added that the Government will always support and hope Vietnamese overseas to be successful abroad, to bring into play the national tradition, join hands for a united community and help each other, preserve the language, handwriting and noble manner of Vietnamese people, make contributions to the establishment of friendship relations with foreign countries, looking forward to their original source by practical actions.


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