Promoting green transport in HCMC
Thứ tư, 22/06/2016, 04:30 SA
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The Prime Minister has recently approved the technical assistance project for HCMC Green Transport Project funded by World Bank (WB).

The project aims to improve quality and efficiency of public transport system along high priority corridor in HCMC. 

Total capital of the project is US$ 10, 77 million, of which US$ 10, 5 million from non-refundable aid of Swiss State Secretary of Economic Affairs  and US$ 0, 27 million of responsive capital (equivalent to VND 5, 955 billion)

The project will zone off districts along the corridor and adjust designs in line with transit-oriented development (TOD), encourage participation from private economic components in transport infrastructure development, set out legal framework and regulations for the city’s sustainable development

In addition, typical public space will be built along the corridor to increase attractiveness of BRT system and to develop urban areas surrounding BRT rest stops; number of passengers using BRT system increasing quickly from 24, 700 passengers/day to 27,000 passengers/day at the 5th year since the start of the project and up to 29,000 passengers/day in the 6th year.

The project will be implemented from 2016 to 2020 by HCMC People’s Committee.




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