Promote Nagasaki – HCMC student exchange program
Thứ năm, 28/06/2018, 02:35 SA
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In the afternoon of May 10, Permanent Deputy Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Le Thanh Liem recieved a trade delegation of Industry and Trade Association of Nagasaki Prefecture led by President Takushima Toshio.

At the reception, Mr. Liem thanked the Industry and Trade Association of Nagasaki Prefecture for its support to orgainze student exchange programs between HCMC and universities of Nagasaki prefecture in the last 2 years. These student exchange programs play an important part of fostering cooperation relations between both sides. Mr. Liem expressed his hope to cooperate with other localities of Japan to organize such programs to strengthen mutual understanding and to promote cooperation in many fields.



He expressed his hope that the Industry and Trade Association of Nagasaki Prefecture will continue to promote cooperation initivatives in fields of education, human resource with universities of HCMC. 



For his part, Mr. Takushima Toshio said a student delegation of HCMC to Nagasaki prefecture is provided an opportunity to visit, exchange and stay at local houses to study cultures of Nagasaki prefecture. The program has helped both sides’ youth to strengthen mutual udnerstanding and to develop relationships betwen people of both localities. Mr. Takushima Toshio expressed his hope that HCMC will continue to support the student exchange programs to further promote both sides’ educational cooperation relations.



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