President Tran Dai Quang meets with businesses in HCMC
Thứ hai, 14/11/2016, 09:40 SA
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On October 3, President Tran Dai Quang chaired a meeting with National Assembly delegation of HCMC and local businesses.

At the meeting, representatives of business community proposed a motion to the Party, State, National Assembly and the Government that before issuing any decision related to businesses or local people, especially economic development policies and guidelines, it is necessary to consult the affected objects to create consensus and to make it effective.

Businesses also proposed that the National Assembly should amend business and investment laws to create open business environment, strengthen administrative reform, adjust business and investment procedures, simplifying procedures of issuing investment licenses, etc.

President Tran Dai Quang thanked and respectfully received ideas and proposals of business community. He requested leaders of HCMC to drastically solve any proposal under authority of the city, saying that these proposals and ideas will be sent to National Assembly for consideration.

President Quang also requested business and entrepreneur community of the city must always play the pioneering role and the center of economic development for private sector, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises; promoting maximum advantages of HCMC in development of Southeast and Southwest regions. Successful entrepreneurs need to play a more important role in supporting and realizing new business ideas, pursuing creativity.



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