PM approves new economic corridor targets
Thứ năm, 16/04/2015, 04:45 SA
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The Prime Minister has just approved targets for a new economic corridor through 2020 in a bid to boost socio-economic development in the included provinces and the broader vicinity.

The corridor, connecting northern Lang Son province, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and the Moc Bai Border Gate Economic Zone in southern Tay Ninh province, will form the framework for the national infrastructure system in collaboration with other corridors and economic systems.

By 2020, the corridor is expected to earn some 200-220 billion USD, making up of 70 percent of the total national GDP, and contain 80 percent of the national urban population.

The route also targets welcoming between 49-50 million tourists, including some 9-9.5 international arrivals, generating 15-16 billion USD.

Other approved objectives include total trade revenue accounting for 85 percent of the total North-South corridor, or one third of the national trade value.

Priorities will be given to developing a comprehensive infrastructure system with a focus on transport, trade and tourism, and economic zones; training high-quality human resources in conjunction with developing and applying science and technologies; improving administrative procedures; and enhancing the business climate.



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