Over 60% of Japanese businesses plan to expand in Vietnam
Thứ bảy, 15/03/2014, 07:40 SA
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On February 12, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) announced survey results of “ Trade and Production situations of Japanese businesses in Asia and  Oceania in 2014” and report on “overview of foreign direct investment in Vietnam in 2014”.

Mr. Yasuzumi Hirotaka, Managing Director of JETRO office in HCMC, said the survey results showed that 66% of Japanese businesses in Vietnam plan to expand their business activities. This rate is higher than in other countries and a prove that Vietnam continues to be an important investment destination for Japanese investors.

 “Japanese businesses always respect the law, open-minded and fair, accompanying with social development of Vietnam. Japanese investors in Vietnam hope to continuously receive positive support from the Government of Vietnam”, said  Yasuzumi Hirotaka

Talking about investment environment, Vietnam is ranked 4th out of 15 countries for cheap labor cost, more than a half of Japanese investors in the survey highly appreciated political and social stability in Vietnam.

In order to improve cost competitiveness, Mr. Yasuzumi Hirotaka stressed that the Government of Vietnam needs to support local enterprises in field of supporting industry under forms including low interest rate loans, incentive taxes and human resource training.

This is the 28th survey conducted by JETRO from October to November 2014 under form of questionnaire survey on 10,078 Japanese enterprises in 20 countries and territories, of whom 4,767 respondents are invalid(including 458 enterprises in Vietnam).



The survey aims to study the activities of Japanese companies operating in Asia and Oceania, heading forwards to improving investment environment and making it more favorable for Japanese companies.

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